Business Intelligence Questionnaire

  • How your business got started

  • Is there a specific reason why or a story behind it?
  • What burning desire or need does it fulfill?
  • People tend to do a lot of researches on the products and compare them with others. It is the differentiating factor that decides the business.
  • Objections – Why wouldn’t someone buy from you?

  • Eg: “The price is too high for me”
  • This is important because more people are motivated by the potential loss of something to decide to have a potential gain.
  • Define Your Niche, Fears, Relief

  • Age, income level, gender, occupation, etc.—the more information the better.
  • Think of what your clients say frequently about the losses and gains. They may be looking irrational, but they happen frequently. For example, if you listen to the testimonials, you can see that many of them were bothered about the timely delivery.
  • How do you offer relief to the problem that your clients have? If you know the fears of your customers, you could make a better marketing message to address those fears specifically too.
  • Results

  • Business Intelligence

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